1. 5 Common Misconceptions About Back Taxes

    Tax debt isn’t something that most people plan to have. Like most of life’s annoying setbacks, it’s something that usually catches people by surprise, and as a result, there are a lot of people who end up owing back taxes who have never really done much research into them. After all — why go…Read More

  2. Why Tax Debt is the Scariest Thing This Halloween

    Movies and TV tend to overdo it when it comes to telling scary stories. Sure, it would be scary to be chased around a locked home by a headless man with a whirring chainsaw, but we can think of something much scarier — a notice from the IRS that you owe back taxes. What could possibly drive a grow…Read More

  3. How to Know When It’s Time to Call a Tax Accountant

    Taxes aren’t easy. Trust us — we know. At CPA's of Florida, we’ve made it our life’s work to help the people and businesses of Fort Myers to handle their taxes. To reach a level where we can professionally assist with tax work, it has taken an education, endless studying, certification, and …Read More